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XRP to Finally Soar Up to $1.40? Here’s What the Analysts Have to Say


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The XRP community is known to project a strong standard output towards Ripple’s price. Per the community’s latest price forecast, XRP could soon break past the $1.40 price target. 
According to a Twitter user, Egrag Crypto, XRP is poised to reach the ambitious $1.40 if it follows the usual hierarchy of stable price ascents. 
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According to Egrag Crypto, XRP could soon pass through the four stages of wicking, ranging, consolidation, and bullishness to reach its price target of $1.40. 
Egrag Crypto backed his claims by presenting a graph on X, adding how XRP’s current stance could transform its price metrics. 
The analyst was also quick to predict a spike above $0.60 in the XRP price this month.
#XRP Color Code To $1.4 (UPDATE):

In this thread, we’ll closely examine the price behavior of #XRP across various time frames within this Whitish-Blue Circle. 🔍📊 (1/7) https://t.co/vYFL2W8zB0 pic.twitter.com/Cy6w0rBC4j
In cryptocurrency jargon, wicking refers to a line in a candlestick chart that suggests price fluctuations concerning opening and closing prices. In trading slang, ranging refers to the difference between the highest and lowest prices traded for a defined period. 
Consolidation, on the other hand, means an asset’s indecisive streak, compelling it to trade at two levels. 
Similarly, a bullish stance means an asset’s breakthrough (rise) in terms of pricing. The analyst noted how XRP can soon pass through these stages to embrace its $1.40 price mark. 
However, Egrag Crypto’s projections were marked by mixed reviews. Many crypto enthusiasts on X pointed out how such forecasts rarely fructify in the logical realm. 
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Ripple’s price is sensitive to its ongoing SEC vs. XRP case, which often plays a crucial role in determining its trajectory. 
Despite an outpour of bullish predictions, XRP is noting a slight descent in its price mark. XRP is down 0.35% in the last 24 hours at press time, trading at $0.5397. 
XRP, propelled by Ripple’s robust corporate alliances and diverse use cases, led the recent crypto market rally despite intermittent price fluctuations.
Hi all. On 17-Feb, we checked XRP hitting the orange resistance in the daily chart and supports in the short term should be considered.

Below is the update of the same structure; the last point of Wave 2, the corrective wave, ends between $0.5198 and $0.5066. #XRP will then… pic.twitter.com/AnVmbPcudE
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