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Upcoming ICO List 2022


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An Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is fascinating for investors and developers. Fundraising has never been so simple, easy, and fast for any business venture. For the first time in the history of humanity, business started to go global. Crypto played a pivotal role in shifting the world to a modern financial system and many countries are following its trail. Some 100 years down the history this time will remember this day as a major event. Finally crypto has come to the mainstream, and open debates and discussions are happening worldwide.

Crypto is real and will stay in it forever. Who knows historians of the future might regard it as the new industrial revolution. The only regret people have today investing in crypto is why didn’t they buy it early. Even if the price of Bitcoin tests $10K there are still a large number of people who are in huge profits. All the influencers and libertarians using social media to talk about crypto and its future have surely impacted the thought process of many young people who are looking to build generational wealth. The financial market offers many investing tools for investors, they are not as sophisticated as the crypto market. Some statistics show that it’s virtually impossible for an average earning millennial to buy a home nor do they have huge money for the investment, most young people are having huge debts to pay off. The system is broken and not able to address these issues. There is a high mistrust among the citizen and governments. Some studies show that most of the youth have some sort of mental health issue. The rise of social media and the internet has impacted every aspect of human life and thinking. With the expectation of getting rich quickly or earning a high yield on their investment, many are betting on crypto. For most, the blue-chip crypto is not affordable or profitable, which hyped and created a bubble called ICO.

The best thing for the investors is to get as early as possible and an initial coin offering (ICO) is the very first step of a crypto project in the market. If invested in the right ICO that could turn your life around. Thus many investors flocked to grab any ICO project they could. The number of ICO projects exploded so did the scams. As investors were betting on any project they could lay their hands on some bad actors and capitalize well from it. Crypto is for those who are capable to take full responsibility for themselves as there is no authority taking care. True freedom and independence cannot be imagined without crypto.

ICO is a lucrative and high-yielding investment still there are many challenges to overcome. More importantly, it’s hard to find an ICO. There are very few resources that list high-potential presale projects, ICO Gem Hunters is a community dedicated to educating investors and helping legit projects. Using our ICO calendar, you can easily discover gems, freely discuss the upcoming project, and learn by joining the ICO Gem Hunters chat group. It is a unique idea that caters to all the needs and requirements of the ICO market. ICO news covers all the secrets of the market and ways to benefit from web3 and the crypto industry at its early stage.

ICO Calendar: https://icogemhunters.com/

5 ICO tricks to have in your arsenal: https://news.icogemhunters.com/5-ico-tricks-to-find-100x-gem/

Join the ICO Gem Hunters community for a discussion: ighgroup.t.me


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