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Spooky Halloween Floki – ICO Reviews


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✅ Spooky Halloween Floki is a meme & NFT project. 

  The website is graphically outstanding, but there is insufficient information about the project on the website and whitepaper. There is no clear info about the blockchain network they are going to deploy their NFTs in. (Erc or BSc). This token doesn’t seem to have any utility at all although they have mentioned staking and other utilities in the future. There is no further info about staking, Santaverse, and blockchain network.  (Score 2/10) 

❌ The website doesn’t have any demo or prototype 

Website – https://spookyhalloweenfloki.com/

Twitter – https://twitter.com/SpookyHlwFloki

Telegram – https://t.me/SpookyHalloweenFloki

*  Associated Website: https://spookyhalloweenfloki.com/

Contract Address: 0x9f59E79127fAD40bBC26c1eC6578d345AF40bD1f (BSCPage- NOT VERIFIED) Contract Created 2 day ago. 

   Marketing Wallet Address: 0xc9550cf5389697c28d04e9a6ed3f0ef2838d749c

   Team Wallet Address: 0xc0a641f1f6ed23384bf8dd3a5425afcbe9a9f7d 

Honeypot Check – More chances of transforming to honeypot contract in the future.  


Audit Check: 

      – The contract has been properly audited by a Verified auditor, Cyberscopre. https://github.com/cyberscope-io/audits/blob/main/1-shf/audit.pdf (Unresolved). The audit report seems negative in many aspects.


Website Check:

     ✅ The domain was registered 26 Days ago on 2022-09-04. (Score 5/10)  

     ✅ The domain is registered from http://www.godaddy.com. (Score 5/10) 


PreSale Check:

          Subscription IDO is ongoing on Pinksale with 300 BNB Softcap. 

          51 % liquidity is initially distributed on Pancakeswap LP pool. (Score 4/10)

          LP lockup time is 180 days after pool ends. Not good for long term investment. (Score 2/10)

          KYC Verified from Cyberscope  (3/10) 

          Smart Contract Audited by Cyberscope with several issues. (1/10) 

          Several Newly Created wallets have contributed. This might be a trick to create FOMO. More chances of dumping during launch. [Screenshot Attached Below- Suspected]  (Score 3/10) 

  Locked Tokens Check:

        ❌ Tokens are locked on pinklock contract. According to the token lock, 18% remaining tokens will be unlocked after a month in November. (High Chance of Rug Pull and scam) (Score 1/10) 


          Token allocation and distribution. Bad rating  (Score 1/10)  


  Smart Contract Check:

       ✅ Contract Owner: 0x16b998f1cba19caf5dad99e7ce3310f1f8386d34 

       ❌ Smart Contract is not properly deployed. UNSAFE (1/10) 

       ✅ No mint function found, owner cannot mint tokens after initial deploy

       ❌ Contract has many uncountable unresolved issues. 

       ❌ Ownership Not Renounced

         Current Buy Tax 7%. Sell Tax: 13% (This can always be changed) Owner can’t change buy/sell fees over 25%.  Perfect (5/10)




      Team Info: There is no team info to check their track record or verify in the internet. (Score 0/10) 


       ❌ They have unclear roadmap on their website and whitepaper. https://spookyhalloweenfloki.com/static/media/Whitepaper.c5b542b90b990623e8ff.pdf


   Community Check: 

        – Twitter was created on September 2022 with 11.5K followers as of now, but most of the account seems inactive and bots.  Not good active followers on Twitter. 

        – They have 993 telegram members but the community is inactive. Not hyped community.. 


📓 Austin’s Report: Short Investment is okay. Everything seems unclear and very risky. Not recommended for long term. (Score: 3/10)

Not Financial Advice. Please DYOR.


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Spooky Halloween Floki - ICO Reviews📓 Austin's Report: Everything seems unclear and very risky. Not recommended at all. Not Financial Advice. Please DYOR.