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Is The Super Bowl on YouTube TV?


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Super Bowl week is here, as the biggest game of the NFL season is just a few days away. Indeed, the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers are poised to do battle for the coveted Lombardi Trophy. Yet, with so many changes to the Television market over the last decade, where to find the big game has never been more difficult. Therefore, in this guide, we will answer if the Super Bowl is on YouTube TV.
In the modern sports world, few events rival the popularity of the Super Bowl. The event has become one of the cornerstone experiences of America and has evolved into a global affair amid the increasing popularity of the game. Moreover, this Sunday should provide a plethora of narratives that will make the showdown all the more intriguing.
The Kansas City Chiefs have become one of the most dominant teams over the last few years. Their appearance in Super Bowl 58 will mark their fourth such trip to the big game since 2020. Moreover, they already have two Super Bowl wins under their belt over that period thanks to quarterback Patrick Mahomes, tight end Travis Kelcce, and future Hall of Fame Coach Andy Reid.
Alternatively, the San Francisco 49ers are one of the most dominant teams over the 2023 season. Quarterbacked by Mr. Irrelavant Brock Purdy, the team boasts a star-studded roster and a genius head coach in the form of Kyle Shanahan. Ultimately, they are seeking to dethrone last year’s champions in a quest to bring the Lombardi Trophy back to the Bay Area for the first time since 1994.
However, amid the current television landscape, let’s explore where to find the game, and if the Super Bowl will be on YouTube TV
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Before we start discussing where to watch the upcoming Super Bowl, let’s discuss when and where is taking place. Every year, the NFL selects a new location for the biggest game of the NFL year. This means that a different stadium can host the game at some point throughout its growing history.
For the upcoming Super Bowl 58, the game is set to be played in Las Vegas’ Allegiant Stadium. Home to the newly moved Las Vegas Raiders, it remains one of the newest and most impressive stadiums in the current NFL.
The team should have a massive attendance, considering it’s taking place in Las Vegas. Moreover, the presence of two of the most popular teams in the entire league, with immensely passionate fanbases, should also ensure a massive collection of fans at the event itself.
That doesn’t even compare to the millions that will likely watch the game from home. Last year, when the Kansas City Chiefs bested the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl 57, a remarkable 114 million people watched. When that was expanded to the streaming audience as well, the figure eclipsed 115 million people.
Alternatively, the upcoming Super Bowl 58 is set to be played on Sunday, February 11th, 2024. Additionally, the game could kick off at 6:30 pm Eastern Standard Time. However, there is likely going to be a plethora of pre-game coverage before the start of the actual contest.
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Now that we’ve delved into the actual specifics of the game, the next question to approach is who is broadcasting the event. The NFL has increased its partnerships across a host of networks and streaming services. They have showcased games across every network from NBC, to Amazon Prime.
However, the Super Bowl, this year will be broadcast on CBS Networks. This is important to note for cable watchers, as you will need to have access to CBS-affiliated channels to be able to play the Super Bowl 58 event live.
The rights to broadcast the NFL Super Bowl has long been an interesting development. During the very first Super Bowl in 1967, both CBS and NBC aired the game. That remains the first and only time that two networks had simultaneously streamed the NFL Championship game. however, this was due to the game showing AFL and NFL champions facing off. Because it took place before the merger, both networks had the rights to both leagues.
Since then, various networks have taken turns hosting the Super Bowl. Specifically, CBS, NBC, ABC, and Fox have all taken turns. Moreover, The upcoming iteration of the event will mark the 22nd time that CBS has hosted the game. Subsequently, after this year the league will start a renewed four-network, four-year cycle.
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The modern television viewing audience has moved away from traditional cable in a way that they never have. Indeed, cord-cutting has become a prominent idea, with modern consumers opting for more advanced television viewing experiences offered by modern streaming platforms.
Although this has certainly led to an influx of new options for the modern consumer, it has also made locating specific programming across different networks very difficult. Specifically, you will need to seek out answers to what’s showing on your specific network.
YouTube has long been one of the most popular web platforms in the world. However, they have opted to enter into the streaming space, competing with platforms like Hulu and Netflix. However, does the platform feature the biggest game of the NFL season?
The answer is yes, the Super Bowl will be available on YouTube TV! The platform performs similarly to most cable television streaming offerings. Specifically, subscriptions come with a bevy of channels at your disposal. Therefore, you will be able to access CBS through your YouTube TV subscription.
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Overall, modern streaming platforms do present ease of functionality when compared to their cable counterparts. That is a big reason why they have increased in prevalence over the last several years.
However, if you are seeking to watch the Super Bowl on YouTube TV, follow this simple step-by-step guide
Firstly, you are going to want to access the YouTube TV service. If you do not have a subscription already, this will mean that you have to create an account- or access a free trial- and log in to the application you are seeking to watch the game on
Thereafter, you will want to open the YouTube TV application on your chosen device. Navigate to the search function on the application, and enter CBS. From there, you should be able to easily locate the CBS Network on the app.
Finally, make sure that you are tuning into the game on February 11th at 6:30 PM EST. Then, enjoy the game, and take part in the thrilling contest between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers.
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As we’ve said extensively, the Super Bowl has remained one of the most popular viewing events of the year for football fans. Moreover, it has evolved in exposure to align with the ever-changing realities of cable television and streaming.
That being said, the modern landscape of television viewing has changed drastically, and therefore, the Super Bowl is offered on a plethora of titles. Subsequently, let’s delve into where else you can watch the game outside of cable and YouTube TV
One of the most popular places to watch the Super Bowl this year is through the PAramount+ application. As we’ve previously stated, the Super Bowl is set to be broadcast through CBS this year. Moreover, this streaming platform is the home of all CBS content.
Created by the ViacomCBS parent company, the platform offers all CBS programs and is set to stream the Super Bowl. Moreover, the platform also features a seven-day free trial for users who aren’t quite sure if they should subscribe. Through the trial, you can test the features of the platform Essetnail and PRemiere tier subscription plans.
A platform that functions similarly to YouTube TV, but without the massive name recognition of the video-sharing platform, is Fubo TV. Indeed, it offers its users access to CBS so that they can watch the big game this Sunday.
Like the aforementioned Paramount+, Fubo TV offers its users a free trial so that they can test the platform. Moreover, subscribers will have access to over 400 channels through the service.
Finally, Hulu with Live TV presents another avenue for streaming-only viewers to take part in the Super Bowl 58 festivities. The platform has long been a contender in the streaming wars and features CBS to watch the big game.
Previously, Hulu was a platform similar to Netflix in what it provided its users. However, that has undergone a noticeable transformation over the last several years. Specifically, its integration of live sports and television programming has allowed it to better compete with cable companies, and provide an avenue to watch things like the Super Bowl.
All of the platforms mentioned provide excellent options to watch the biggest sporting event of the year. Indeed, whether its cable or streaming, you should be able to view what could be a legendary clash when the Kansas City Chiefs line up across from the San Francisco 49ers this Sunday.
Disclaimer: Our articles are NOT financial advice, we are not financial advisors. All investments are your own decisions. Please conduct your own research and seek advice from a licensed financial advisor.

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