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Avoid Mistakes That Most ICO Investors Make In 2022


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Initial Coin Offering (ICO) took the world by storm when crypto started to make its way to the mainstream. The cryptocurrency of diverse natures is making its way. There are around 22,000 crypto-currency projects in existence. The market capitalization is still under 1 Trillion dollars and according to market analysts, this figure is going to increase multiple folds within this decade.

The millennial generation has witnessed a significant shift in technology, and a revolution in communication. With web3 knocking on the door and big players pushing adoption aggressively the number of crypto users will rise exponentially. The total number of users in Binance was just 20 million in the year 2020 and at the end of 2021, the number increased to 120 million. The world is still unable to comprehend the real meaning of web3, knowledge deficit is the major challenge at the current stage. The concept of metaverse and NFTs are intriguing but still, there is a long journey to be made.

Investing in ICO is a challenge with high risk and high reward kind of investment. Finding a legit project is easy but finding a project that can thrive is virtually impossible. Despite having everything transparent, legit, and public most of the project struggled. The Crypto world has changed drastically over the year. While the number of new ICO projects has skyrocketed the chances of their success have gone down. Project owners are overambitious and investors are over demanding which might be a reason for failure.

Popular launchpads like PinkSale and DXSale are facilitating many ICOs which are popular amongst project owners seeking to raise funds and investors looking to invest in early projects. There is a large user base for these launchpads and have played a pivotal role in helping new projects run a successful presale. However, scammers are using these launchpads to raise funds and rug as soon as they get launched. Despite making efforts of stopping the scam nothing has worked till now. The KYC, Audit, and other batches they provide have little or no effect on protecting the investors. While these launchpads make money the investors are left to be doomed.

The industry is new, and people have already acknowledged the power of internet money. People are willing to jump into crypto and bet against all odds investing in a new project in hope of an x100 return or even more. The real scam in crypto is happening at the lowest level which most of the big players don’t bother to talk about. Adoption is not possible if the morale of interested investors is crushed before starting.

ICO Gem Hunters is a community that has taken this initiative to help people educate. Investing in ICO is still rewarding and will be most rewarding in the coming days. Here we discuss the project with potential and provide a detailed report so it can contribute to your research. You cannot imagine investing in ICO and still making a profit in 2022 without joining the ICO Gem Hunters community.

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