About us

Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is one of the utilities offered by cryptocurrency, which helps raise funds for new entrepreneurs to work on their ideas. However, investors are flocking to invest in ICO in expectation of high returns has degraded the real value of ICO. Developers are struggling to cope with the ultra-high demand of their investors and eventually that pressure leads to the death of the project. No new ideas can come up to their fullest form which discourages the developers. On the other hand, scammers are using the ICO as a means of robbing investors by over-promising, using ideas that are impressive with high potential which they can never deliver. 

Despite having huge potential in ICO no big entities are covering and taking any initiative to help investors investing in it. ICO Gem hunters are here to fill the gap and aware people and help in DYOR. Our team of expert analysts produces a report on the hottest ICO. Education and Awareness are the motive of this community to help in your research. We share our knowledge on how to DYOR so you don’t fall victim to the next scam.

ICO Gem hunters is a community of investors, learners, and crypto enthusiasts. The world of Blockchain and crypto is beautiful and at the same time, it can be scary on numerous occasions.

Scams in crypto are not new but push the industry backward. Our primary job is to make the public aware and help them embrace the technology without fear. We’ve been observing the industry since 2015, the way the market exploded in recent years attracted many investors, at the same time limited knowledge has been proven fatal to many. 

 This community addresses the problems and has experts from different fields sharing their ideas on how to save investors from the predators in the market. Without any authority, the field has been lawless; we don’t support any kind of regulation, but the investors’ safety is our concern. An analyst from different parts of the world has volunteered and shared their ideas on how to make things less complex for anyone interested to jump into the crypto industry.

 We care about you so we have taken this responsibility to research the legit and rug-free projects so you don’t lose your money. Challenges are huge but someone should take the lead and encourage many to benefit from the revolutionary idea. Project owners with extraordinary ideas should get more attention, but unfortunately, their strategies may not reach potential investors. We shall work as a bridge between potential investors and legit projects.